We believe better integrated tools lead to better health outcomes. Use CareApp either as the central hub of your care services, or as a component alongside your existing systems.

Does CareApp integrate with my current system?

Software integrations are business specific, and so each integration will depend on your needs and what you are trying to achieve. Knowing that all care providers have different procedures and systems, we work hard to make sure CareApp can integrate seamlessly with just about any existing system.

Our API is Open

APIs allow different pieces of software to communicate with each other. Our API is built on industry standard protocols and is available for use by CareApp customers to integrate with existing tools and processes, at no extra cost. Use the same API we use for our mobile and web apps to build custom solutions.

Access our API Documentation

Our API is documented and supports OpenAPI 2 for automatic code generation. Existing customers can contact us for access to our documentation.

Development Sandbox

We provide customers with an isolated sandbox for developing and testing integrations. Build your solutions using our sandbox without risk of affecting your real data.


Custom Integrations

Need to integrate but don’t have the expertise in-house? We can work with you to build your custom integrations with your existing software. Please contact us for more information.