Provide a reassuring window for families into the care and wellbeing of their loved one.

Improve communication

By using photos, video and audio as well as notices, events, and newsletters, provide a personalised and reassuring window into the care and wellbeing of your residents to their loved ones.

Restore trust

Restore trust and confidence in care. CareApp highlights the quality care being provided, building loyalty and retention. Providers gain a competitive advantage with powerful communication and a new marketing channel.

Creates a positive culture

By sharing moments that matter, providers are able to create a positive culture for residents, staff, families and extended supports. Families can show appreciation and thanks through comments and hearts.

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive to use, even the most reluctant App users soon embrace CareApp. CareApp works seamlessly between iOS and Android operating systems as well as most web browsers, meaning that you can access CareApp anytime, anywhere.

Safe & secure

We understand how important safeguarding your privacy and data is. That is why we take security very seriously at CareApp. Built using privacy by design principles and supported by only top tier hosting providers, we aim to build your trust and then do absolutely everything to keep it.

What others say about CareApp

“The technology has been great in allowing me to see what Mum and Aunty are doing on a day-to-day basis.”
“CareApp is important way for our interstate and overseas based family members to regularly connect. With this technology we feel like we can be part of her day.”
“CareApp enhances connectivity between clients, families, coordinators and care staff, keeping everyone in the loop.”
“I am delighted with CareApp and the opportunity it offers me to follow what my Mother is doing.”
“I have reclaimed time in my day! I am not great with technology, but CareApp is so easy and it means I don’t have to spend time sending emails at night or trying to catch people on the phone. Everyone is in the loop”.
“It’s the missing link!”
“I find it a great way for everyone involved to remain connected.”
“I am so thrilled to have CareApp, I can’t praise it highly enough as it has certainly helped me to cope with living so far from my dear Mother at this time in her life.”
“The beauty of CareApp is that it brings everyone together on one platform, carers, nurses, lifestyle staff, family and loved ones, bridging the knowledge gap and strengthening the circle of communication. CareApp is Gold!”

We can help you provide the reassuring window into the care and wellbeing of your residents.