Kind words shared with us during COVID-19 Pandemic

Dad’s nursing home went into total lock down a few weeks ago. My family and I totally agreed with this step for the safety of all the residents, however, we struggled with not being able to see Dad. He is unable to use any form of technology and is not physically mobile. The introduction of the CareApp at his Nursing Home has helped us stay visually connected with Dad. Receiving photos of him at different times of the day means that he feels a little less distant.

Our IT specialist at work found out about the app to help our residents keep in touch with loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. I think the initiative you are running for facilities is incredible and I will be strongly encouraging my facility to stay on board after the pandemic ends. Congratulations and keep up the amazing work.

It's amazing what can be done in a short space of time.

Thanks so much or all you are doing for us, for the sector, most importantly for all the concerned residents, families and staff! It's an incredibly generous offer. Know that you will make such a difference to people's lives over the foreseeable future.

Coolibah Care implemented CareApp during the visiting challenges of COVID-19. It has been a really smooth implementation and is already bringing so many positive stories of connection. The ability to post a happy photos quickly and easily and generate so much joy to families has been heart warming.

How good is CareApp! The families are really enjoying seeing their loved ones and making some nice comments on the site.

A great app! Thank you for such a generous free trial! Penwood Aged Care has potentially 1000 people that can benefit and stay connected!

This is a fabulous initiative! And so helpful in our current times to stay connected. A big thank you!​

CareApp is important way for our interstate and overseas based family members to regularly connect. With this technology we feel like we can be part of her day.

CareApp enhances connectivity between clients, families, coordinators and care staff, keeping everyone in the loop.

I am delighted with CareApp and the opportunity it offers me to follow what my Mother is doing.

Kindly sent to us via SMS

The technology has been great in allowing me to see what Mum and Aunty are doing on a day-to-day basis.

I find it a great way for everyone involved to remain connected.

I am so thrilled to have CareApp, I can’t praise it highly enough as it has certainly helped me to cope with living so far from my dear Mother at this time in her life.

It’s the missing link!

The beauty of CareApp is that it brings everyone together on one platform, carers, nurses, lifestyle staff, family and loved ones, bridging the knowledge gap and strengthening the circle of communication. CareApp is Gold!

I have reclaimed time in my day! I am not great with technology, but CareApp is so easy and it means I don't have to spend time sending emails at night or trying to catch people on the phone. Everyone is in the loop.