Supporting Meals on Wheels in providing safety and wellbeing checks.

Meals on Wheels provide an invaluable and vital service to ensure people remain healthier, happier at home and connected to their community.

Meals on Wheels NSW are proud partners of CareApp’s Early Adopter Program, sharing the vision to equip volunteers with the ability to conduct safety and wellbeing checks, improving service efficiencies, measuring social capital and demonstrating that Meals on Wheels are really “more than a meal”.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a registered charity dedicated to care in the community through the provision of more than 10 million nutritious meals to over 120,000 individuals by a network of more than 75,000 volunteers. Meals on Wheels are “more than a meal”. Every meal delivered by an opportunity for checking in on the health and wellbeing of the meal recipient.

Safety & wellbeing checks

Just like a friend or neighbor, a Meals on Wheels volunteer is able to keep an eye on and occasionally help out vulnerable people within the community. Meals on Wheels volunteers are often the only daily point of contact for meal recipients and are best placed to assist in the monitoring of an individual’s wellbeing.

Quick & easy solution

Upon delivery of a meal, using CareApp, a wellbeing check is completed by the volunteer at the time of the delivery, taking less than 10 seconds to complete. This real time information is available for the Meals on Wheels service staff and also can be made available for families or other key members of a person’s support network via the CareApp mobile application.

Powerful storytelling through data

In today’s competitive environment for both customers and funding, it is no longer enough to rely on observation, anecdotal evidence or informed guess work. Data provides the evidence for powerful and compelling stories and deeper insights that help you to answer your key questions. Contact the friendly team at CareApp to request an example of the compelling data we can provide to support your service and your invaluable contribution to the community.

The value of volunteers

Prevention of hip fractures begin with the prevention of falls. With as many as one third of falls being preventable. A visiting Meals on Wheels volunteer may notice things such as a light globe has blowncausing poor visibility, the person is unsteady on their feet or they may even report dizziness. Thesesimple but powerful casual observations could prevent a fall. This provides a great social benefit to the person in supporting their wellbeing and quality of life, but can result in significant savings to the health care system.

We can help Meals on Wheels volunteers to provide safety and wellbeing checks.