Understanding CareApp’s Permissions

CareApp uses roles to control access to functionality in CareApp and access to your organisation’s data. Roles allow administrators to tailor the CareApp experience for each user, whether they be staff, allied health workers, families, and management.

The table below summarises what each role is able to do in CareApp, and further information is found below.

Each role has different functionality in CareApp

Family Users

Family users in CareApp are able to do the following:

  • View organisation notices that have been shared with Families
  • View the communities the user is linked to
  • View messages that have been shared with Family
  • Family user feeds show content from their linked family members that has been shared with family
  • Comment on messages they have access to. Comments from Family members are visible to Coordinators by default. Coordinators can choose to share family comments with the rest of the staff.
  • Share feedback to the organisation

Team Members

The Team Member role is the perfect role for care workers and other staff in organisations. Team Members are able to do the following:

  • View organisation notices that have been shared with Team Members
  • Create messages for any community in an organisation
  • Check In with any community in an organisation
  • View nearby communities (for community care)
  • View assigned communities
  • Search all communities
  • View feed, file attachments, for assigned communities
  • Limited view for other communities in the organisation
  • Feed contains content from assigned communities, plus content created by the user


Coordinators have a view of the entire organisation. They can view all content, as well as:

  • Post notices and set notice visibility
  • Share messages with family users
  • View and update communities
  • Invite family users to the organisation
  • Assign Team Members to communities

Organisation Administrators

Organisation Administrators have full control over the organisation. They can do everything a Coordinator can do, as well as:

  • Control user access. Enable and disable existing users, invite new users of all roles
  • Control organisation settings for CareApp features
  • Manage the organisation’s communities.