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Connect to CareApp to receive updates regarding the care and wellbeing of your loved one.

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Download CareApp

Follow the instructions in your welcome email to download CareApp to your device. Click the buttons below to access CareApp in the iOS™ or Android™ app stores, or alternately search the app stores for 'CareApp' (all one word).

CareApp is free to download, however data charges may apply during download and use of the app.


Sign into CareApp

Open the app on your device, and sign in using the username (A) and password (B) you created. If you forget your password, tap on "Forgot password?" (C) to follow the reset process.


View a message

CareApp is a powerful communication and engagement tool that ensures you can remain connected with your loved one and their care provider.

Members of your aged care team will send you real time and visual updates, share special moments, and important information that will provide you with a reassuring window into the care and wellbeing of your loved one.

CareApp is private. You can only see messages that are created by your aged care community.


Getting around CareApp

Tapping on the menu icon (A) in the top left corner will give you immediate access to all the major features of CareApp.


View the noticeboard

You can also tap on the Notices tab (B) and see all notices from your aged care provider (such as newsletters, activity schedules, menus or other exciting news.)


Keep up to date

For regular updates, news and information delivered to your inbox, subscribe to CareApp emails. 

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