Getting Started (for Families)

Welcome to CareApp!

Connect to CareApp to receive updates regarding the care and wellbeing of your loved one.

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Download CareApp

CareApp Mobile is available for both Android and Apple devices. Follow the instructions in your welcome email to download CareApp to your phone or tablet. Click the buttons below to access CareApp in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or search the app stores for ‘CareApp’.

CareApp is free to download, however data charges may apply during download and use of the app.

Sign into CareApp

Open the app on your phone or tablet, and sign in using the Email Address (A) and Password (B) you created. If you forget your password, tap on “Forgot password?” (C) to follow the reset process.


View a message

CareApp is a powerful communication and engagement tool that ensures you can remain connected with your loved one and their care provider.

Members of your aged care team will send you real time and visual updates, share special moments, and important information that will provide you with a reassuring window into the care and wellbeing of your loved one.

CareApp is private. You can only see messages that are created by your aged care community.

Getting around CareApp

You can use the button row at the bottom of the app (A) to navigate between screens, or use the menu icon in the top left corner (B) to access additional features.



Here is where you will see all notes, videos, photos, updated documents for the people you care about. Tap on a card in the feed to view more information and leave comments.


Here is a list of all the people you care about. This may be your clients or your family

Tap on a person to view their feed and other information such as statistics and files.


Notices are for sharing information and important details about things happening within your aged care community.


Feedback allows you to provide a star rating and comments/feedback to your care provider. Access this feature from the Menu.


From the settings you can upload a profile image and change your preferences for receiving notifications from CareApp. Access this feature from the Menu.

Settings Screen
Notification Settings


If you require assistance, please get in touch with us via help in the menu.

Help & Support Screen

Connect with a loved-one

Looking for support?

Thanks for using CareApp!

If you enjoy using CareApp, or find it beneficial, please leave a review for us on the app store you downloaded it from. And please share CareApp with your friends and family!

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