Deploying CareApp in an MDM Environment

Most CareApp users run CareApp on their own mobile devices. However, our mobile apps can be provisioned and managed through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system if your ICT Department requires this.

If you are considering using MDM to manage CareApp, please contact us to discuss the specifics of your systems and any issues that may need to be resolved.

Note: Most CareApp users associated with your organisation will most likely be family users, running CareApp on their own devices, outside of corporate ICT. MDM can be used to manage devices used by staff only.

App Installation and Updates

CareApp is available through the platform stores on Android and iOS. Your MDM setup should be configured to download and install CareApp from the store for your chosen platform. We do not provide APKs or enterprise signing for installation bypassing the App Stores.


We recommend configuring MDM to automatically update CareApp to run the latest version on your managed devices. We are always making changes and improving our apps, and automatic updates ensure you have the latest and greatest version on your devices. 

If automatic updates are not appropriate for your organisation, we provide an RSS feed of release notes, allowing ICT staff to decide if and when to apply an update.

Note: CareApp Web is a hosted web application, and as such is always running the latest version.

App Permissions

CareApp requires certain permissions in order to function correctly. For example, access to the device filesystem to allow uploading images from the device. A full list of permissions for each platform can be found on our System Requirements page.

Network Environment

We take security seriously. Our web and mobile apps communicate with CareApp servers over https. As such, your network environment may need to be configured to allow HTTPS traffic on port 443 between our apps and servers. Specifically:

Https Proxy

Our mobile app expects a direct connection to the internet, and may not work if the mobile device is configured to use an HTTPS proxy.

CareApp web will respect the proxy configuration of the web browser. However, SSL certificate rewriting is not supported.

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