Adding Family Members

Administrators and Coordinators can invite new family members into CareApp as required. For example, additional family members may learn about CareApp from someone already using it, and request access.

Once you have verified the family member should have access to a community, inviting them to CareApp is easy. We explain how in this short video:

1. Find the Community you wish to add to

Open the Communities page, and find the community you wish to add to. Click the community page, and then the Team button.

Find the community, then open the Team tab

2. Invite the family member

Click the Add To Team button. You can then enter the email address of the family member. If the family member is already a part of your CareApp organisation, you can search for them by name and select them from the dropdown.

Set their role to Family, and click Invite User.

Enter the email address for the family member

The family member will receive an invite allowing them to activate their account. They will then be listed as an assigned team member.

CareApp invites expire after seven days. If necessary, you can resend invites from the team tab.

Pending invites are shown on the Team tab