CareApp’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s second wave

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27 July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is going on longer than any of us hoped or expected.

CareApp was early to recognise the challenges this would create for the aged care industry. With lockdowns and visitor restrictions coming into place back in March 2020, we offered CareApp for free to every single aged care provider in Australia right up until 30 September 2020. 

Allison Nikula, CEO and Founder of CareApp said: “With the distressing news of this second wave, we want every aged care provider to know that we still have got you. For providers new to CareApp, we are pleased to offer you the same six months for FREE. We know that this is the most difficult time that you and your community have ever faced.” 

CareApp allows you to post notices, events and newsletters to keep families informed. It also allows you to instantly share images, send videos and just like Zoom or FaceTime, CareApp has live video chat to keep families connected and reduce the distressing feelings of isolation. 

CareApp is not just a technology platform, but a team to hold the hands of providers every step of the way. “We like to think we are an extension of your communications team. We are offering both technology and additional resourcing to aged care providers at ZERO cost.” Allison said.

Recently, the South Australian Government has thrown their support behind CareApp recognising the important role we are playing to support all aged care providers around the country. 

With more than 200 facilities using CareApp, we are right there in the trenches with our customers during this exceptionally challenging time.

“With this second wave of COVID-19 putting an immense amount of pressure on the aged care sector, we can only imagine the stress that nursing homes are experiencing.  Over the coming months, we want to know them to know CareApp has got you”, she continued.

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