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Product Updates: February 2022

February brings some big updates to CareApp to make it even more powerful for you. Here’s what’s changed.

User Management in Mobile

CareApp mobile now includes full member management for Coordinators and Administrators. You can now view all the people in your organisation, invite new staff and update permissions for existing users.

Integrated Comments View

We’ve redesigned our Content screens so that comments are brought to the front, instead of being hidden on a secondary tab. Simply tap the comment button or scroll down to join the conversation!

New comments view

Customer Community Changes

You may notice some changes to the list of people shown on the Customer Community tab. We wanted to make it easy to see everyone who is involved in a customer’s care, and so the list now contains:

  • Linked family members
  • Assigned team members
  • Team Members who access all customers
  • Coordinators

To make it easy to find the information you need, we’ve added filters so you can view users with specific roles.

You can now view everyone involved in a Customer’s care

Wellbeing Check Updates

We’ve made Wellbeing Checks more visually prominent and attention grabbing in the feed.

The new Wellbeing Check cards

Performance Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved performance when loading and viewing large images. This will hopefully improve the experience of viewing the feed and reduce issues when using CareApp on older devices
  • Issues with double-posting notices
  • Fixed an issue when dismissing notifications
  • Many small improvements