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Product Updates: October 2021

Just in time for Halloween and new to CareApp this October we are excited to have released Sharing with Other Apps (we’ve secretly been calling it a marketer’s dream).

Already an award winning communication and engagement platform CareApp is now a powerful marketing engine for your organisation. Use Sharing with Other Apps to showcase and share beautiful care from your organisation to a wider audience, including social media.

Sharing with Other Apps

We want to help you reach a wider circle with the beautiful content you create, so we’re introducing the ability to share content with other apps. Sharing content is as easy as navigating to the content, tapping the ‘Share’ button, then selecting ‘With other apps’.

Rest easy knowing the control for whether content can be shared is in your hands. You can stop customer content from being shared with other apps by editing a customers settings, ensuring the switch for ‘Allow sharing content outside of CareApp’ is off.

Starting off, only administrators and coordinators have the access to share content with other apps. Your administrator does have the option to allow team members, family and even customers to share eligible content.

Assigned Coordinators

We’ve added the ability for coordinators to assign themselves to customers. Usually in CareApp a group of coordinators share responsibility for all customers in an organisation. However, this can become impractical for larger providers.

Now, you can choose to divide customers between coordinators. The coordinators feed and notifications will only be for content relating to their customers. Coordinators can still access all CareApp features for all customers. This change is about managing information and notifications, so coordinators can work together to create a great CareApp experience.