2021-07 Announcement Delta COVID (1)

CareApp supporting Australia through Delta COVID-19 crisis

Sydney, 21 July 2021: Australia is facing its greatest challenge yet with the Delta variant of COVID-19 sending over 12 million Australian’s into lockdown. Once again, we have seen a surge of enquiries from concerned families who are locked out from seeing their loved ones with no known timeframe for when they will be reunited.

Last year on 15 March 2020, CareApp made the commitment to be in the trenches with the aged care community. We did this by making CareApp free to every aged care provider around Australia. With over a million engagements on the platform, CareApp ensured families had an easy way to stay connected with their loved ones with a reassuring window into their care and wellbeing.

Allison Nikula, Chief Executive and Founder of CareApp said: “It was a privilege to support the aged care community during this incredibly challenging time. The heartfelt feedback we received fuelled us as our team worked around the clock.”

“Unfortunately, as a community we are again facing uncertain times with lockdowns, border closures, restrictions, and limited visitations. Every family deserves to remain connected. We have made the decision to again make CareApp free to aged care providers in Australia for the next 90 days”*.

In a similar way to how schools and childcare providers use easy-to-use parental communication apps for keeping up to date, CareApp allows aged care providers to record and share photos, video/audio, as well as notices, events, and newsletters. CareApp also enables live video chat between residents and families.

Simple to use and easy to implement – CareApp can be live in just hours.“

The role of technology in aged care is not one around replacing care — it’s around enhancing connections, it highlights the power of belonging and magnifies the care that is being provided which provides peace of mind, particularly in times like now where families are not able to visit their loved ones.”

“We decided that providing CareApp for free is the right thing to do. We can only imagine the stress that the aged care sector continues to go through in response to COVID-19 and the fatigue everyone is feeling.”

“We were there before, and we continue to be there in the trenches as we face this new emerging challenge. To our valued aged care community, please know, that we’ve got you.” Allison said.

CareApp is a nationally awarded and internally recognised communication platform. Most recently Allison was named in 2021 40 under 40 business leaders and was the winner of the OTR Inspiring Disruptor Award.

More information on CareApp can be found at www.careapp.com.au

For more information, please contact:
Christopher Stokoe, Manager Growth and Strategic Partnerships
0404 005 089 | [email protected]

*90 day free access for new customers of CareApp only