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Product Updates: April 2021

Hello there! We’ve been working hard to make CareApp better for you. This month we have been focusing on the every day things that make CareApp more efficient and easier to use. Most of these changes are direct suggestions from you, so thank you for your feedback and suggestions on what matters most.

Selecting multiple images at once

You can now select multiple images from the Gallery (on mobile) or your computer (on web) when sharing images. This should make it easier and faster to share what’s happening in your facility.

View Customer List in group messages

You can now click on the customer avatars in a group message to see the list of customers the message is about.

Dates on Customer Files

We now show the dates customer files were added, making it easy to see whether files are still current.

Saving Images

Enabled users of CareApp can choose to download and save photos and video shared in CareApp. Organisations can choose to enable this across any of the five user roles (Administrator, Coordinator, Team Member, Family & Customer) in CareApp.

We recommend enabling this feature for Administrator, Coordinator and Family user roles.

Lots of performance improvements and fixes

We have been working to improve the startup time of CareApp Web by reducing the amount of data your web browser needs to fetch before CareApp starts. This is an ongoing project but you should see improvements today.