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Product Updates: Jan 2021

We’re back and looking forward to a big year making CareApp better. Here are some of the things that have changed in January.

New Look for Mobile

Our mobile app icon, startup and login screens have been given a makeover, with a new clean bright look.

The new, fresh login screen

Password Reset with your Phone Number

If you have linked your phone number to your CareApp account, you can now use your phone to reset your password. This is perfect for times when you can’t easily access your email but need to access CareApp.

You can now reset your password with your email address or phone

You can add your phone number to you CareApp account from the Settings screen if you have not already done so.

Pending Invite Changes

For Organisation Administrators & Coordinators, we have improved the Pending Invitation view to make it easier to understand and use.

  • Pending invites now list the communities that are linked to the invitation
  • We’ve changed what actions can be performed on pending invites based on the linked communities

Team Member Permissions Adjustments

Team Members with access to all communities are now able to create video chats for any community in the organisation.

Image Orientation Fixes

We had reports that images uploaded from CareApp were showing up rotated sideways. This shouldn’t happen anymore.

Timestamp Fixes

All dates and times shown in CareApp will now use your Locale, meaning that dates will appear formatted for Australia if your phone is set to Australia. Previously some dates were being shown as MM/DD/YYYY; sorry about that!