We’re always making changes to CareApp. Here are some of the recent updates waiting for you.

Team Member Access Controls

Organisation Administrators can now grant Team Members access to all residents. Previously, Team Members had full access to residents that they were assigned to. This new setting gives you more control over who can do what in your facility. Access All Residents can be enabled on a per-team-member basis.

Notifications Page

The revamped Notifications Page gives you a quick view of everything that has happened in CareApp. Use the notifications tab to quickly view new content, comments, and notices.

Add Files & Links On Mobile

Administrators and Coordinators can now attach documents and links to resident profiles using our mobile app. These can be used to share care plans and other important files with members of the care team. To add links and files, simply select from the FAB panel.

Stay Up To Date

CareApp is always improving – keep automatic updates on to ensure you get the latest changes.