Experience CareApp for free and with no obligation until 31st January 2021

We understand that this is the most difficult time that you and your community have ever faced and the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented for the aged care industry are unprecedented.

We are proud to say that CareApp is now in 200 facilities across Australia and aged care providers have praised CareApp and our ability to respond with care, work sensitively with homes and act not just as a piece of technology, but an extension of their communications team.

We are right there in the trenches with our customers during this exceptionally challenging time.

In response to the lockdowns and visitor restrictions which are having massive impacts on families and causing distress to their loved ones, we have offered CareApp for free and with no obligation until 31 January 2021 to help keep families connected.

With CareApp, you can…

  • Create content for individuals or groups 
  • Send messages, photos and videos 
  • Complete wellbeing check-ins 
  • Enjoy live video chat 
  • Receive real-time customer feedback 
  • Post newsletters, activities and special occasion announcements on the facility noticeboard 
  • Upload files, links and staff notes 
  • Stay informed with real time statistics dashboard and export reports 
  • Make CareApp your own with organisational branding 

With families reaching out to us to find out which facilities in their local area have CareApp, we would love to help you to keep families connected using our nationally award winning and internationally recognised platform that is changing the narrative in aged care. 

For more information about how you can use CareApp as your communication tool to share the beautiful care experiences happening in your homes,  or to sign-up for access to use CareApp for free, please call Louise on 0467 801 944 or email [email protected].