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Palliative Care – it’s more important than you think!

The theme for National Palliative Care Week 2020 is: “Palliative care… It’s more than you think!” 

The theme highlights that palliative care is more than only end-of-life care and physical symptom management. 

Palliative care is care that helps people live their life to the fullest, when living with a life-limiting or terminal illness. It is extremely important person-centred care that considers the individual’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, as well as the needs of their loved ones and carers.

At CareApp, we pride ourselves on sharing the joy and beautiful moments that are hidden and not seen in aged care. But the reality is, there is no time more important than when a loved one is approaching their final moments of life to provide families with that reassuring window into the care. Just to know that their loved one has had a peaceful night can provide so much comfort at what is possibly one of the most distressing times for families.

This week is a great opportunity to celebrate the amazing dedication of all those working and volunteering in palliative care across Australia.

Thank you for everything you do!