New Messages View

We have redesigned the message detail screens to better showcase media, and make it easier for coordinators and administrators to manage sharing.

Images and Video are now much bigger on the screen. Tapping on the image preview launches the full screen gallery and video player

The Heart and Share functions are now found on a new action pane.

The Detail, Talk, and History tabs have all been redeveloped to make it easier for you to interact with content shared in CareApp

CareApp 2.7.0

Removing Content

Sometimes content in CareApp needs to be removed. This functionality is now available for coordinators and administrators.

Simply tap the Delete icon, provide a reason for removing the content, and the content will be removed from feeds.

Coordinators and Administrators are still able to see that the removed content was posted and review if required.

Removing Content is available on both CareApp Mobile and Web.

Removing Content
Coordinators and Administrators can review removed content

Fixes and Improvements

We’re always making changes and improvements to CareApp. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, please keep updates turned on. This release includes fixes and performance improvements, including:

  • Administrators can now toggle the display of active and inactive communities on the Communities tab
  • Adjustments to the Check In page
  • Improvements to video previews
  • Improvements to Organisation Switching
  • Better feed grouping
  • Improved animation transitions between Feed and Detail screens
  • Various bug fixes