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CareApp listed on Pledge 1%

CareApp is featured among other high profile companies on Pledge 1%.

From the Pledge 1% website:

We are living in unprecedented times as we continue to adapt our daily lives to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and respond to the economic implications. This leaves a lot of uncertainty and many companies are having to assess the impact of this new reality on our goals, employees, customers, and community.

At Pledge 1%, we plan to be part of the solution. 

Your 1% pledge is needed now more than ever before:

  • You can encourage employees to practice safe and/or virtual volunteering, lending their time to help neighbors with supplies, schools to set up virtual learning, nonprofits to rethink their fundraising strategies, remote operations, and program delivery, as well as small businesses to develop sustainability plans.
  • You can leverage your product to battle this pandemic or help with remote workforce and event issues.
  • You can set up an emergency fund or launch an employee matching program to support COVID-19 research and response teams, food insecurity issues, and economic support.
  • You can also use this time to set aside a piece of your future success by completing the process to formalize an equity pledge.