Covid-19 and the elderly

CareApp mentioned in Agnes Health newsletter

Source: Agnes Health, 19 March 2020

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Covid-19 and the elderly
Covid-19 discriminates in its impact. Older adults are the most vulnerable to the worst effects of the virus. The statistics from Italy bear this out. 87% of the deaths from Covid-19 are in the 70 years and over group. This jumps to 96% if you look at the over 60 years group.

As the number of Covid-19 cases increases in Australia, protection of the elderly and vulnerable should be at the centre of our thinking. On an individual level, we need to start implementing plans for family and friends that fall into the elderly age group.  

On the national level, the Federal Government has announced restrictions for visitors to aged care facilities. Our attention also needs to be on the elderly and vulnerable receiving care in their own homes.

We are grateful for the nursing, care staff and health professionals in aged care for what they do on a day to day basis to care for the elderly and vulnerable. We would be lost without them being front and centre in the current crisis.

For aged care technology businesses that are helping to improve care, we also say thank you. Two companies showing how we can use technology to communicate with the elderly as we minimise personal visits are Lumin and CareApp.

For aged care facilities, CareApp have made their communication platform, and their local support team, available for free. With access to visitors restricted, families can use CareApp as another way to communicate with their loved ones.

For older people living in their own home, Lumin uses a touch screen device for communication and safety. Lumin enables communication through phone and video calls, as well as photo sharing amongst family members. For safety, Lumin has medication reminders, alerts and an emergency button for an older person in distress.

Stay well and keep the elderly in mind.